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Alex Rees

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African Food Fellowship teams up with Small Foundation to build food systems leaders networks

Rwanda Food Fellows interact during a visit to One Acre Fund in May 2023

The African Food Fellowship is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Small Foundation to expand the remit of our food systems leaders network. 

Over the coming three years, our partnership will focus on strengthening the network approach in both Rwanda and Kenya. Small Foundation and the African Food Fellowship believe networks are effective means to enable collective action and navigate complexity, and together we hope to curate an enabling ecosystem for Fellows to transform food systems.

“I am delighted to share the news of our partnership with the African Food Fellowship. By supporting Fellows to build networks of trusting relationships in Rwanda and Kenya, we are supporting collaboration across food systems actors with the knowledge and leadership to transform rural economies,” said Thomas Caffrey Osvald, Networks & Systems Lead at Small Foundation.

The African Food Fellowship’s mission is to catalyse new forms of food systems leadership in the region, anchored around our Food Systems Leadership Programme. The Fellowship connects food systems leaders in Africa to build relationships with peers and gain essential knowledge and leadership skills. By bringing together leaders and fostering a food systems mindset, we believe the network will play a catalytic role to shift policies, power dynamics, investments and incentives towards more equitable, sustainable and healthy food systems in Africa.

Reflecting on the new partnership, Alex Rees, Deputy Director of the of the African Food Fellowship Secretariat and Managing Director of Wasafiri said, “We are thrilled to partner with Small Foundation to supercharge the African Food Fellowship and join a broader ecosystem of network practitioners.”

About the African Food Fellowship

The African Food Fellowship is a network of leaders in Africa working on radical change to transform food systems across the continent. We support food systems actors with world-class training, platforms, and networks, to spark collaborative action for healthy, inclusive, and sustainable food systems. The Fellowship is initiated by Wageningen University and Research and Wasafiri Consulting with support from the IKEA Foundation and Small Foundation.

About Small Foundation

Small Foundation is an Irish family foundation working towards a vision of a thriving African free from extreme poverty. Its mission is to act with urgency and ambition to catalyse and scale income-generating opportunities for people living in extreme poverty in rural sub-Saharan Africa.