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Becoming a Fellow

Why join ?

  • Join a professional network of food systems leaders across the continent.
  • Gain cutting-edge knowledge on food system change through expert faculty and mentors.
  • Acquire world-class tools and capabilities to lead systems change.
  • Learn from leading innovators, influencers and practitioners.
  • Build your profile to inspire other changemakers to action.

“The African Food Fellowship will help unleash your leadership for transforming food systems. It will inspire and challenge you to grow as a leader, and be better able to drive systems-change and deliver impact”

Joost Guijt, Director, African Food Fellowship

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Becoming a Fellow

Every year we recruit food systems actors in Kenya and Rwanda into the African Food Fellowship. These are impact-driven leaders who are passionate about taking action to create  healthy, inclusive, and sustainable food systems.

In Rwanda, we target applicants working in the impact areas of:

In Kenya, we accept applications from people working in:

Successful applicants commence their leadership journey with the prestigious ten-month Food Systems Leadership Programme offered virtually by world-class instructors from Wasafiri Consulting and Wageningen University & Research. They also join the Kenya and Rwanda Food Fellowships, respectively, which are impact networks of changemakers.

The Fellowship charges a fee of USD800, payable in two installments. A limited number of scholarships are available for those who can demonstrate they need it.

Check out the FAQ below for more information.


No. We welcome applications from diverse backgrounds. Aside from academic qualifications we are interested in your demonstrable experience and passion to transform food systems in your chosen impact area.

Yes. Food system transformation is the core goal of the African Food Fellowship. We recognize that food systems actors come in diverse forms: the soil scientist, the famer, cooperative leader, the extension officer, the food producer, the policy maker, the food trade ICT platform developer, the programme manager, the food transporter, the financier, the nutritionist and the activist, among others.

No, however you must be able to demonstrate active leadership experience in your chosen impact area.

Yes. English is the medium of instruction. All programme interactions and materials will be in English.

Yes. The programme is only open to legal residents, active in the chosen country’s food syste.

No quotas, just a preference for a diverse cohort. Selection is based on merit.

A fellowship team comprised of food systems and leadership experts.

Assessment will be based on attendance, participation, weekly assignments, and final project work. We will follow an 80/20 rule where fellows are required to be present and active for at least 80% of programme duration. We are aware that life and work obligations may arise and thus have factored that in.

Yes, the African Food Fellowship is an initiative of Wageningen University & Research and Wasafiri Consulting.

This is not a formal university course. It’s a leadership fellowship. Fellows will receive a certificate at the end of the first stage of the programme called “Systems Insights”. Upon completion of the entire 10-month programme, they will become Fellows of the African Food Fellowship.

No. However, all the successful applicants from Kenya and Rwanda will be awarded a scholarship to join the inaugural class of 2021/22 Fellows in their respective countries. In some circumstances Fellows will receive airtime and internet bundles to facilitate their participation in the virtual programme.

All fellows will be required to dedicate 4 hours per week throughout the duration of the programme.

That will be unfortunate. We would appreciate advance/immediate notice. If you must leave in the inception phase, we could offer the position to another qualified applicant. Also, if you opt in, we will maintain you in the overall fellowship network.

To advance your work transforming food systems in your country of residence. You will also be expected to maintain engagement with your peers and the fellowship in its entirety.

No. Currently we are in the first phase of the African Food Fellowship. This is a matter under consideration for future phases.

The fellowship is focusing on Leadership as a key driver in transforming food systems in Africa. It seeks to strengthen African leadership that is creating solutions to the most pressing challenges facing African food systems today, by focusing on leadership development, incubation, networking and collaboration.