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I am helping Rwandans adopt conservation agriculture to boost farm yields

Brian Nicholas Neza is Sustainable Land Use fellow who recently joined cohort two of the African Food Fellowship in Rwanda. He has been leading teams …


Meet Juliana, the high-flying CEO tackling the sex-for-fish vice head on

Angela Juliana Odero is an Aquaculture Fellow working to enhance gender equality in the fish business. In this interview, she talks about her advocacy against the sexual exploitation of women working in the fish value chain.


I am winning awards doing what I love best; providing value for farmers

Abdu Usanase is a Sustainable Land Use Fellow and an award-winning agri-tech innovator based in Kigali, Rwanda. He is building apps for farmers and inspiring the next generation of food systems leaders through agriculture clubs in universities.


Annette Nyangaresi: Transforming the Kenyan food system

Horticulture Fellow Annette Nyangaresi believes that biofortification could provide a much-needed solution to the food crisis that has put millions in the country at the risk of malnutrition. In this interview, she also lets us in on the exciting projects she is working on and why being an African Food Fellow is so important to her.

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