Meet the Faculty

Joost Guijt


Joost Guijt works for Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands, as the Knowledge Manager for Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation. He is one of the initiators of the African Food Fellowship, and currently the Director. "Its amazing to be able to work on a decade+ initiative with emerging leaders to help foster a whole new mindset about what food systems are for and how they must operate. Our first Fellows are exactly the kind of committed, smart, professionals from all walks of life who I can see nudging, steering, inspiring deep change all across Kenya, and Africa. Change towards healthy diets, real prospect for everyone working in food systems and biodiverse landscape that is also highly productive."

Kate Simpson

leadership development

Kate Simpson is Wasafiri’s Managing Director, lead author on ‘Systemcraft’ and Director of the Wasafiri Institute. She has worked for a diverse range of global clients from across the public, private and not for profit sectors examples include The World Economic Forum, Barclays Bank, The Forward Institute, DFID, FAO, Natural England, The National Grid amongst many others. As part of the African Food Fellowship Faculty Kate will bring an applied approach to dealing with complexity and creating system level change. She will also be contributing to the leadership development aspects of the programme. She has an expertise in experiential learning and is endlessly curious about trying out new ways of learning. Kate says “I’m excited by the incredible Food Leaders who have joined the Fellowship and the opportunity be part of supporting them in their transformational work’ . Kate travels regularly to Kenya but is based in the North of England where she tells us she really can see sheep from her office window.

Eunice Khaguli

Implementation lead

Eunice is a Food Systems & Inclusive Growth Consultant with Wasafiri. She has strong background in private sector development and multi-stakeholder engagement across Africa. She will serve as the Implementation Lead of the African Food Fellowship and specifically the Dean of the Food Systems Leadership Programme – Kenya. In her own words : "I am excited about the systemic transformation possibilities that come with the envisioned collective action that the African Food Fellowship proposes."

Herman Brouwer


Herman Brouwer is a senior advisor at Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation (WCDI) at Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands, working on multi-stakeholder engagement for sustainable and inclusive food systems. Herman advises, trains and coaches professionals across sectoral boundaries on how to contribute to sustainable development through collaboration. Herman enjoys bringing people from different backgrounds together and help them to find a common purpose to work on, despite different viewpoints. The African Food Fellowship is going to be a living example of doing exactly this. Here is a book that Herman co-wrote which you can download for free: the MSP Guide: How to design and facilitate multi-stakeholder partnerships.

Riti Herman Mostert

faculty lead Food Systems Leadership Programme

Riti is a Wageningen based expert in facilitating multi stakeholder processes and driving the lifelong learning agenda of Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation. She teaches at Wageningen University and is the faculty lead for the Food Systems Leadership Programme. She designed the programme in co-creation with the faculty that is presented here and with support of a great team of learning designers. Riti is proud of the faculty which consists of a range of experts and inspirational facilitators from various food and agricultural backgrounds, with leadership development expertise, world wide experience and with a focus on systems action. She is excited about the innovations that this programme is bringing about and is hopeful about what a group of dedicated fellows may achieve for more inclusive food systems and regenerative agriculture. She is inspired by people, wonderful women and men, who act and do their part for the public good. For example in this video: tree-by-tree. And here's a link to the summary of a method that she is fascinated by because of the systems work in groups: Deep democracy

Jim Woodhill

Food systems foresight & scenario analysis

Dr Jim Woodhill is specialist on food systems, inclusive agribusiness, development policy and multi-stakeholder partnerships, with over 30 years of international experience. Currently he is an independent consultant based in Oxford, UK, working at the nexus between the agriculture and food sectors and the global challenges of poverty, health and environment. He is an Honorary Research Associate with Oxford University, Environmental Change Institute, and an Honorary Associate with the Institute of Development Studies (IDS). He is part-time director of the UK FCDO Knowledge for Development Program. Formerly Jim was the Principal Sector Specialist for Food Security and Rural Development with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Director of the Centre for Development Innovation at Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands. "Systems change requires working across boundaries, thinking out of the box and taking a long-term perspective – leadership that can bring these ways of operating together in practice and grounded in local food system realities is desperately needed. "