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Rwanda | Fellow

Abdu Usanase

Abdu is a Sustainable Land Use Fellow and an award-winning agri-tech innovator. He is the founder and chief executive officer of AGRIRESEARCH, a youth-led non-governmental organisation based in Rwanda that carries out agriculture research and offers extension services. He has experience in farm data management and agriculture development services. He holds a BSc. in Crop Science from the University of Rwanda. His notable achievements include transforming AGRIRESEARCH from a students’ club to a national organisation credited with developing innovative solutions for Rwanda’s agricultural and environmental challenges. AGRIRESEARCH had developed many mobile applications, including SmartInput which was listed among 50 global game-changing innovative projects worldwide by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network in 2020. Its AGRITrials won the best digital extension tool worldwide in a video competition by USAID Feed the Future, Digital Local Extension Capacity (DLEC) Projec