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Kenya | Fellow

Alex Akidiva Amuyunzu

Alex is an Aquaculture Fellow working with county governments to promote aquaculture production in Kenya.

He has over ten years of experience in aquatic resource management and is currently an Aquaculture Programme Officer with the Micro Enterprises Support Programme Trust – MESPT. Major achievements include securing accreditation for 13 technical institutes to offer competency based education and training in aquaculture, dairy and horticulture. Previously, Alex was lead aquaculture researcher at Agro-Science Park Fish, Egerton University, where he oversaw rehabilitation of the fish farm and construction of a fish hatchery. He has also worked with leading farms in Kenya such as Makindi and Kamuthanga recirculatory aquaculture farms, Mwea fish farm and Kenya Marine Fisheries Research Institute. A fisheries graduate of Egerton University, Alex has published his research in academic journals.