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Kenya | Fellow

Charles Mbauni Kanyaguto

I am dedicated to make societal change for small scale business and communities in Kenya. I grew up in Kenya and attended Gavilan Community College California US. I am very motivated to contribute to enhancing welfare of the most vulnerable in the communities.

This includes youth, women and children. I am a local leader, elected by the communities engaged in fish food systems to lead community members, taking responsibilities and thinking beyond existing food systems including food security, livelihood, environmental sustainability, climate change and poverty alleviation. My core expertise is the aquaculture value-chain. However, I have a broad expertise and hold various positions in the communities in Kenya including: Director and co-founder of Together Forever Community Org (CBO), Chair of the Aquacultural Association of Kenya (Nyeri Chapter), and earlier I held positions as: Secretary and co-founder of Nyeri County Fish Farmers Development Group, Manager at Mugumoini Children Centre, Youth officer at Fly-M youth movement and I have worked as the Africa Officer, African Peace Project (TAPP), and as a Mountain guide, Mountain Rock Hotel. I am representing fish farmers in national projects and programmes on aquaculture, by the national government, FAO and IFAD (County Programme Coordinating Committee, ABDP), as well as WUR research projects as 3RKenya, Feeding cities and migration settlement. I’m results oriented, have ability to work across a multi-racial and cross-cultural communities.