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| Secretariat

Joost Guijt

Title: Director

What I do

My role is to make sure that all the individual work done by the African Food Fellowship team connects well and is in service to the goals we have set ourselves. I also seek partners to work together on the growth of the Fellowship.

My prediction about the future of food in 100 years

100 years from now there will still be food in abundance for every single person on this planet, just as there is today. We will have shifted our food systems such that they are a major contributor to biodiversity, soil health, abundant and clean water; all systems are entirely fossil fuel free. Robotics will play a major role in every step, allowing humans to finetune every aspect to highly specific local conditions and wishes.

What I like about The African Food Fellowship

The Fellows are so great! They are fun, committed, curious and hard-working professionals. Through the Fellowship I get to enjoy how the Fellows get more connected and stronger, in their confidence, capability and influence.