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| Secretariat

Kate Simpson

Title: Director of the Systemcraft Institute

What do I do

I work on developing and delivering the curriculum for the Food Systems Leadership Programme. Professionally my focus is on developing real-world practical approaches to working with complex problems and creating system-level change.

My prediction about food in 100 years

 When I am feeling optimistic it’s that we have moved whole sale towards regenerative practices – that deepen the connection between production and consumption, massively reduce wastage across the value chain and are farming and eating in ways that work with and not against nature. In more pessimistic moments we are left with a food system dependent on artificial enhancements, producing a narrow range of food and doing so at the ongoing expense of the natural systems that sustain us.

What I like about the African Food Fellowship

The Fellows – they give me hope and excitement that a regenerative food system really is possible and being worked on right now