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| Coach

Sonia Kichoncho-Rees

Title: Coach | Facilitator

What I do

I co-create safe spaces where I help others begin/continue the journey of stepping out of their comfort zones into areas of possibilities.

My predictions about the future of food in 100 years

With growing concern over environmental sustainability,  there may be a significant shift towards sustainable and alternative food sources like insect-based proteins and plant-based alternatives.  With urbanisation there may also be a shift to sustainable farming which also incorporates more vertical and urban farming models.  With space exploration, there may be research and development in alternative grounds for food production in space.

What I like about the African Food Fellowship

The Fellowship creates a platform where, like never before, collective impact is possible through collaboration, knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and the involvement of all stakeholders.  It offers the opportunity to tap into all sources of intelligence that can impact systemic change in food systems.  And it is a fantastic, fun, and knowledgeable space to be a part of