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Rwanda strategic advisory circle kicks off

The African Food Fellowship has now put in place a Strategic Advisory Circle in Rwanda, whose members will be tasked with providing strategic guidance to ensure that the Fellowship continues to serve the needs and aspirations of its Rwanda Fellows.

The Circle is composed of six self-nominated fellows already running initiatives geared towards transformation of the food system, with AFF Rwanda Dean and Implementation Lead Anysie Ishimwe at the helm.

Rwanda Dean Anysie Ishimwe will be at the helm of the Rwanda Strategic Advisory Circle

They include Assumpta Uzamukunda, Esther Mukundane, Jean Yves Ntimugura, Thacien Munyamahame and Dr. Théogène Dusingizimana representing all three impact areas the Fellowship focuses on in Rwanda: Access to Nutritious Food, Food Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Land Use.

They held their first meeting last month effectively kick-starting a platform for regular exchange of ideas to transform the country’s food system.

“The Circle will use its networks to bring more visibility to the work of African Food Fellowship and expand its networks in Rwanda,” highlighted Rwanda Dean Anysie Ishimwe, adding that members also shared initial ideas on shaping the Rwanda Food Fellowship.

This will include ensuring that Rwanda impact areas are represented in the Fellowship’s forums, and shaping conversations to go beyond agriculture to tackle issues such as biodiversity conservation and climate change.

The African Food Fellowship has just inducted a second Rwanda cohort of 34 food system leaders into the Fellowship, signaling a strong growth trajectory. The Circle will be essential in ensuring collaboration and exchange of ideas between Fellows from both cohorts, as well as facilitating good communication with the Fellowship secretariat.